We’re Part of Your Crew.

Every one of the 25 vehicles that make up our fleet service and the drivers who operate them act as an extension of your crew. They keep your project moving forward through delivery services that cater specifically to busy contractors, including:

  • Early Morning Site Delivery

    Your crew is ready to work at 7:30am and so is ours. By 7:30am, our pre-loaded fleet of long reach crane trucks, delivery vans and pick-up trucks are heading towards construction sites located throughout the Lower Mainland, the Squamish-Pemberton Corridor, the Fraser Valley, and the Thompson Okanagan.

  • Fleet of Long-Reach Crane Trucks

    Whether it’s a rush, same day or next day delivery, you can count on our professional and courteous drivers to deliver your load on time and place it exactly where you need it, even if it means using one of our long-reach crane trucks to place a lift of plywood on a building’s 7th floor or on the roof of a home from 50’ away.

  • GPS Tracking In Every Delivery Vehicle

    It’s hard to be productive when you are waiting on building materials. But with the use of GPS tracking, we can let you know how far away your order is so you and your crew are ready to receive it.

  • Fleet of Large and Small Delivery Vehicles

    Whether it’s 20 trusses or a box of nails, we have the right vehicle—from crane trucks to delivery vans—to get you your order when you need it.